On 09-10 July 2013 the meetings on climate change and the Dniester river basin management were conducted in Chisinau.

On the first day of the meeting representatives of regional and sectoral authorities discussed vulnerability of the Dniester River basin to climate change , potential impacts of climate change and adaptation measures. Participants also discussed institutional framework and national efforts towards climate change adaptation, as well as international experience in developing appropriate strategies. Group discussions resulted in elaboration of adaptation measures on different levels and in relevant locations and sectors.

Agenda of the Consultations (Сhisinau, 09 July 2013)

On the second day the new project on “Climate Change and Security in the Dniester River Basin” focused on further development of strategic guidelines for climate change adaptation in the Dniester River basin, and implementation of priority measures in the riparian countries was launched. After the launch event, the 7th meeting of the working group on reducing flood management and climate change adaptation was held. Participants discussed the activities of the new project and reviewed the results of the previous project stages.

Agenda of the 7th meeting of the working group (Chisinau, 10 July 2013)

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