Dniester Information

10_d0b8d181d181d0bbd0b5d0b4d0bed0b2d0b0d0bdd0b8d0b51Transboundary water resource management is not possible without reliable information. National systems of data collection, data processing and data dissemination should be harmonized along the whole river basin, which requires the establishment of the joint information management system. Dniester River basin is vitally important for Ukraine and Moldova – two countries bordering the enlarged EU, thus making it even more significant in the EU context. Currently there is no systematic solution for the joint water management of the river basin including 7 oblasts of Ukraine, and half of the territory of Moldova. Unresolved political status of the Transdniestriaт region makes the task even more complicated.

“Dniester-information” is a short title for activities devoted to management of information relevant to the Dniester River basin. Information management has been a subject in the activities of the Dniester-II, the Dniester-III and an independent project implemented in a period between these two projects. The principal result of these activities was a pilot GIS of the Dniester River basin. Another important exercise (and a challenge) was involvement of information holders and stakeholders of the two riparian states (Moldova and Ukraine) into information management.

The pilot GIS of the Dniester River basin is uploaded at http://dniester.grida.no
Some of the materials of this component are found in Russian.