March 10-13, 2009

A series of events dedicated to the problems of Dniester River basin will take place in Kyshyniv, on March 10-13, 2009.

March 10th – seminar concerning the problems of Dniester basin administration. It will be organized by “Eko-TIRAS” scientific development and production center jointly with Transboundary Cooperation Center (Tartu, Estonia) and Estonian MFA .

Aims of the seminar:

1.       Explore Estonian, Russian and European experience in administration of transboundary river basins and reservoirs concerning Dniester.

2.       Discussing the problems in interrelations of departments responsible for environment and navigation.

March 10th – a preparatory meeting concerning the project of information administration in Dniester River basin (UNEP)

March 11th – first orientation meeting of  Dniester-III project. Aim of the meeting – planning and coordinating the project for the next 2 years. The meeting will be attended by public agents responsible for water resources, representatives of environmental departments and nongovernmental organizations of Moldova and Ukraine and representatives of international organizations (OSCE, ECE UN, UNEP).

March 12th (first half of the day) – field trip to Dubossar hydroplant and nature reserve “Stary Orchey”;

March 12th (second half of the day) and March  13th– Twelfth meeting of  transboundary waters commissionaires.

If any questions arise please turn to I. Trombitski (, T. Kutonova ( or O. G. Lysiuk (