December 2007

TheDniesterIIprojectwillbecompletedin 2007. At the beginning of the next year a publication on the results of the project will be prepared. Inshort, theresultsofthe project include:

  1. Thefollowingdraftsareprepared

    draft regulation on sanitary-epidemiological issues;

    – draft proposal on cooperation between sanitary-epidemiological services;

  2. Five relevant authorities who are involved in water resource management supported the “Action programme to improve transboundary cooperation and sustainable management of the Dniester river basin in the period 2007-2010”;
  3. On 19 December, 2007 thePlenipotentiarieshavesignedtheRegulationon stakeholder participation in the activities of the institution of Plenipotentiaries and the Regulation on Ukrainian-Moldovan cooperation in the management of the joint Dniester River basinwebsite;
  4. ThePlenipotentiariessupportedtheconceptoftheDniesterIIIprojectwhichwillbedevotedtopromotionof the Dniester river basin Agreement, cooperation of sanitary-epidemiological services and biodiversity conservation;
  5. At the beginning of the new year a project ondevelopment of the Dniester river basin information system will start.

Thank you for fruitful cooperation!