International conference (September-October 2009)

The International Conference  “Transboundary River Basin Management and International Cooperation for Healthy Dniester ” will take place in Odessa on September 22-23, 2009 (this date will be specified later). This conference will be concentrated on exploring the problems the Dniester River and its basin, the influence of anthropogenic factors on the condition of the River and the Black Sea and analysis of measures, stipulated by “Water and Health Protocol” and Framework water directive aiming to improve the quality of water, the health of its consumers  and condition of ecosystems. Special consideration will be given to the transboundary cooperation  concerning Dniester and the role played by academic institutions and Ukrainian and Moldavian communities in water policy forming.

During the conference two more events will take place: an award presentation ceremony of “Dniester Watercolors” contest and “Dniester” youth conference. To register your participation in the conference please fill in this registration form: Name and Surname of the participant, Joint authors (if any), Organization (organizations), Name of the report (no more than two reports from the same author) Postal address (with postal code), tel/fax (with international code), e-mail.

Traditionally the collected articles will be published before the conference. The articles have to be submitted in such format: ordinary line spacing, Times New Roman font size 12, 5 pages maximum, in Russian, English, Ukrainian and Moldavian languages. As a rule an article has a fixed structure:


Materials and methods


Results discussion


Used literature

All illustrations will be in black and white. Colour illustrations will not be accepted, black and white illustrations need to be contrast and clear. Formulas need to be presented in a format that preludes distortion after changing the font size. The article has to be proofread throughoutly and verified by the author(s), with illustrations placed along the text.  All the tables need to be presented on letter page, but not landscape.

Send the filled form and articles to  Put “Dniester Conference” along with the first author’s surname (in roman alphabet) in Subject field.


Black Sea Women’s club/ MAMA-86-Odessa

Ekaterininskaya, 20,

65026, Odessa, Ukraine

Tel. (+3048) 7155055;


Important dates:

Participants registration – till June 15, 2009

Articles submission – till June 15, 2009

Organization committee