14 December 2012 the bilingual Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin was published. The publication was developed in the framework of the UNECE/OSCE/UNEP project “Transboundary cooperation and sustainable management in the Dniester River basin: Phase III – Implementation of the Action Programme” (Dniester-III) within the Environment and Security Initiative under financial support from the governments of Finland and Sweden.

The Environmental Atlas of the Dniester Basin is the first attempt to present the environmental state of the transboundary river in
a visual format. It includes over 30 thematic maps of the basin, graphics, diagrams and pictures. The target groups for the Atlas are specialists in environmental protection, as well as the authorities and the population in the Dniester basin.

The Atlas is further supported by the Dniester river basin geo-information system, designed to facilitate strategic and operational decisions in the basin including those related to implementing the New Dniester Basin Treaty signed by Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in Rome on 29 November 2012.

Atlas of the Dniester is produced by the information group of the Dniester III project, Zoi Environment Network and UNEP/GRID-Arendal.  Its development would not be possible without dedication, creativity and efforts of our colleagues from Moldova and Ukraine: V. Bujac, O. Lysyk, V. Mokin, O. Savchuk, I. Syorodoev, I. Savchuk, I. Ignatiev, I. Trombitsky and many others. Special thank you to Mr. Gennadiy Syrodoev, the lead author of the Atlas for his professionalism, enthusiasm and devotion to the project.

More detailed information on the Atlas and its digital version are available on the “Dniester Environmental Atlas” webpage.