A working group on water monitoring (under auspice of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Ukraine on the joint management and protection of the cross-border waters (1994)) with support of the UNECE / OSCE / UNEP “Dniester-III” project will conduct a joint Moldavan-Ukrainian hydro-chemical expedition along the Dniester river in July 2011.

The partners of the expedition are Moldavan and Ukrainian water authorities and laboratories.

The expedition aims to facilitate and demonstrate a possibility of countries, experts and laboratories to cooperate in joint research of transboundary waters. The objectives of the expedition are:

–       to create a precedent of the basin approach to monitoring of water quality and increase capacity of countries to conduct joint research of transboundary water basins

–       to identify gaps in current knowledge on water quality and bottom sediments and facilitate collection of information about state of the river basin which could be used for the geoinformation system (GIS) of the Dniester river basin as well.