During celebration of the Dniester Day water authorities of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytsk, Chernivci, Vinnycia and Odesa regions of Ukraine plan to organize a series of events devoted to conservation of the Dniester.

On 8th July Dniester-Prut Basin Board of Water Resources will coordinate a dialogue among authorities, environmental NGOs and mass media. The topics include management of water resources, ways to improve state of the environment of the Dniester basin, and role of mass media in raising public awareness on environmental issues.

On 9th July a rowing competition will be held among schoolchildren of Novodniestrovsk school at the Dniester reservoir.

On 12th July the Dniester Day will be celebrated at the Dniester source in Vovche, Lviv oblast. In particular, the Dniester source will be decorated by local water authorities with the support of the UNECE / OSCE / UNEP project “Dniester-III” and a concert will be held.

On occasion of the Dniester Day 27 information signs (boards) will be installed along the Dniester river in Ukraine by water authorities with the support of the Dniester-III project.