Dniester III

7_d0b4d0bdd0b5d181d182d180-iiiA project “Transboundary cooperation and sustainable management in the Dniester River basin: Phase III – Implementation of the Action Programme” (Dniester-III) started in 2009 with the support of the Swedish and Finnish governments. The Dniester-III project is implemented by OSCE, UNECE and UNEP in close collaboration with authorities and NGOs from Moldova and Ukraine. The aim of the project is to improve cooperation between Moldova and Ukraine on joint management of the Dniester River basin. The principal tasks of the project are to:

– promote the adoption of the new Dniester River basin Agreement

– facilitate cooperation between sanitary-epidemiological services of the two states

– support activities on biodiversity conservation (with focus on fisheries)

-facilitate information exchange at the national and basin-wide levels, and

– raise public awareness and media coverage of the Dniester River basin environmental issues.

The project is a part of the Environment and Security initiative (ENVSEC). Project duration – 2 years.

Some of the working project documents are presented below.

  1. Report on the kick-off project meeting (Kyiv 28 May 2008)
  2. Report on the kick-off project meting (Chisinau 3 October 2008)
  3. Report on the 1st project meeting (Chisinau 11-12 March 2009)
  4. Report on the 2nd project meeting (Kyiv 15-16 October 2009)
  5. Record of a meeting (Kiev 16 April 2010)
  6. Report on the 4th project meeting (Odessa 7-9 June 2010)
  7. Report on the 5th project meeting (Chisinau 19 April 2011)
  8. Transboundary monitoring of the Dniester River. Assessment and evaluation (August, 2010)
  9. Report on the 6th (final) project meeting (Kiev 2 December 2011)
  10. Summary of the report on Moldovan-Ukrainian joint hydrochemical expedition in the Dniester river in 2011 (released on 27 March 2012)
  11. Summary of the report on Moldovan-Ukrainian joint field research of fish fauna in the Lower Dniester basin – 2011 (released on 27 March 2012)
  12. Dniester without borders (summary)